September 19, 2023

Q&A: What Is The Prettiest Beach Closest To Orlando?

What is the prettiest beach closest to Orlando?

The prettiest beach closest to Orlando has to be New Smyrna Beach. Located just a short drive from downtown Orlando, this long stretch of sandy beaches provides the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation spot or an exciting getaway with friends, New Smyrna Beach delivers all the quintessential beach activities you could ask for while also offering plenty of unique attractions and experiences that make it stand out from other area beaches.

New Smyrna Beach ✈️ Travelingblokecom
New Smyrna Beach ✈️ Travelingblokecom

Once you arrive at New Smyrna Beach, the first thing that will likely draw your attention is its stunning white sand beaches. With miles of shoreline stretching along Florida’s east coast, these beaches are lined with picturesque palm trees swaying in the Atlantic Ocean breeze and offer endless opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, surfing or simply taking in the breathtaking views. The gentle surf makes wading in the waves especially enjoyable and refreshing during hot summer days when cooling off is a priority!

New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida

In addition to its beautiful coastline scenery and water sports opportunities such as fishing charters or boat cruises, there are plenty of attractions located near New Smyrna Beach worth checking out during your stay. You can explore Ponce Inlet Lighthouse which offers amazing panoramic views of both land and sea; visit historic Marine Science Center where visitors can observe various marine life up close; or take part in outdoor adventures like kayaking through Canaveral National Seashore’s mangrove tunnels filled with local wildlife species including dolphins!

New Smyrna Dolphins ✈️ Travelingblokecom
New Smyrna Dolphins ✈️ Travelingblokecom

For those seeking additional entertainment venues nearby besides the beach itself, there are numerous amenities available such as shopping centers full of boutiques and restaurants offering delicious seafood dishes along with other local cuisine options.

My Top 10 Restaurant Picks!

Lastly don’t forget about Flagler Avenue – an iconic boardwalk lined with shops & eateries plus live music events every week!

All these incredible features combine together making New Smyrna Beach one gorgeous destination sure to provide ample amounts fun memories any time year round!

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    1. I love Cocoa Beach. It is a considerably more touristy beach, which means it is hectic and noisy. It’s somewhat quieter in New Smyrna. Neither of the two is a bad choice.

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